JTP owns two Sony Z1U camcorders capable of shooting either high definition (HDV-1080i60) or standard definition (DV) video. In addition, JTP has a full range of professional grip, lighting, and audio equipment. For post-production, JTP has two Final Cut Pro editing systems that are both SD and HDV capable.

JTP specializes in documentary, corporate, instructional, event, and educational video production.

Jim Thompson Productions, Inc.
4826 Patrae Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066
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Jim Thompson, President

Annemarie Marold, Vice-President

2014-15 Production

Quality Educational Programs, Inc.
24 videos to promote video courses for teachers.

Graceland Universty

12 videos for YouTube to promote online masters degree program

“Reading/Writing Connections”

A series of instrcutional videos for Quality Educational Programs, Inc.

Teaching High School Students

12 videos that will be part of an online course for secondary school teachers.

Voice: 310-823-5255
Fax: 310-823-4862

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